Tuesday, November 29, 2005

History repeats itself

So - Federal election time is upon us again. The Liberals want you to give them the chance to govern with a majority, claiming the Adscam thing was a product of their predecessors. The Conservatives want you to forget that they're the spawn of the Reform party and want you to believe that they're not going to fall under the spell of corruption and partisanship if you elect them. The Bloc are basically just your peanut gallery of Federal politics. They know they'll never get into power, but they'll do their best to heckle whoever is in power. The NDP are just shaking their heads, wondering why they can't get elected when their competition is this lame.

Mark my words - the only way the Conservatives are forming a majority government in Canada is when Bernard Lord wins the Conservative leadership race. The only question is whether Stephen Harper will actually step down instead of just talking about it if they lose yet again.

There - that oughta get some blood roiling...........

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