Thursday, October 06, 2005

Give yerself a raise.........

You know, I'm a Liberal - but I'm really annoyed at part of the lame-brained energy relief plan the Feds have come up with. They say they primarily want to help low income people. Such as a $150 rebate to buy a more energy-efficient furnace. OK - look. If you're a low income family, you hardly have the funds to buy a new furnace, so $150 sounds like a nice gesture, but it's meaningless. A wealthy person on the other hand would be able to use that rebate even though they don't really need it.

The government will also create an Office of Petroleum Price Information to ensure that people know whether they're being gouged by fuel costs, but this office will have no power to actually do anything about it. HELLO! We already know we're being gouged! We don't need more civil servants telling us we're being gouged.

Meanwhile, MP's have given themselves a 10% increase in their mileage allowance. How nice. That means a round trip from Ottawa to Montreal and back would earn a mileage allowance of $193. That does not include meals or hotels...

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Anonymous said...

Energy Plan? That's all the liberals worry about is small potatoes.

What about the following?

1) Jane Stewart's Billion Dollar HRDC Boondoogle X2!!!
2) Gun Registry. How much did that cost?
3) many billions there?
4) Michealle Jean - Our separatist GG.

If these are the problems that get ignored by the's no wonder they keep getting in!!!!!!