Saturday, September 17, 2005

Sound familiar? v2

Let me outline my business model and when I finish, you can tell me whether I'm criminally insane.

I sell cookies. All over the world. They're good too. I scour the land looking for only the best cookie recipes. The best ones get made by us and sold. At first we made huge cookies (spreads hands apart to the size of a record album). They sold well, but there was a problem. They're too big. You couldn't bring them with you. You had to eat them at home. So we found a way to make them smaller (spreads hands apart to the size of a compact disc). And they taste even better. We needed to retool our whole cookie operation. So of course we had to charge a lot of money for the better tasting, smaller cookies. But we promised our customers that sooner or later, the prices would go down. But they never did. And now we make a fortune. Because it costs us a lot less to make these cookies than ever before. But before you complain, we need that money. We spend it on marketing. Because if we didn't advertise, you wouldn't know about our great cookies. From recipes we found.

But now a terrible thing has begun. People got the idea to trade cookie recipes. This allows them to make their own cookies. And that's bad. Because we found them first. And because if people make their own cookies, they won't buy any from us. Then we won't be able to market the great cookies we sell. Then we'd go bankrupt. So we have a solution. We're going to sue anyone who trades recipes. Because we can.


Jon said...

While I see your point, your analogy is flawed. People are not trading recipies, they duplicating the actual cookies themselves and distributing them.

If people want to make their own recipes (ie Mashups or start their own band) they're totally free to do so.

In fact, there's a huge market for those who make their own cookies witness Garageband and Magnatune for starters.

Karl Plesz said...

Of course it's flawed, I wrote it in 3 minutes. I guess I should have put a huge disclaimer at the bottom. And while I really don't want to start something - I'd like to point out that mp3 files are not pure copies of songs either. Usable - yes. Copies of the original songs - not exactly. But I digress. Jon! Leave it alone! Don't say it....

Jon said...

Ok. I won't.

For the record (because real-life convos don't constitute a record) I *totally* agree with your position on this. It's just that I'm missing the entire right side of my brain. Have you seen it running around anywhere?

I don't post on your blog to be antagonstic, I post because I'm voyeuristically trying to support you without appearing to be a media whore and I don't know how to do that with any kind compassion.

I blame this shortcoming on growing up in Toronto. We don't care about anyone.

F**k the RIAA and anyone else who is involved in a business with the same acronym!

Jon said...

Upon reading my comment, I feel that further explanation is in order. I don't feel that my statement of:

I don't post on your blog to be antagonstic, I post because I'm voyeuristically trying to support you without appearing to be a media whore and I don't know how to do that with any kind compassion.

really puts forth the full meaning of what I'm trying to say.

Let me try to be more explicit:

The reason I am so antagonstic, besides my natural tendency to be a dick, is that I honestly see the day when someone like you will end up having to state their argument in court. Obviously when that happens, that person will be set upon by lawyers who oppose their views. My fear is that the people doing the tearing will not only be lacking the same side of the brain that I am, but they will also believe in what they are arguing for.

I believe, for right or wrong, that I am providing a service in that I provide a view into a person that is as equally lacking in that side of the brain, but doesn't believe.

I hope to provoke thought. Not dispair.

Karl Plesz said...


Jon said...


Jeez...that's all I get?

Tough crowd.