Thursday, September 08, 2005

Now showing - free movies!

Remember when you used to sneak into the drive-in with the lawn chair and your sweetie in tow? Soon you might get to do it for free. (my apologies to anyone too young to know what a drive-in is......)

I just love this. A new phenomenon is starting to sweep the US called Guerilla Drive-Ins. Some folks with a digital projector outfitted with an FM transmitter load it all inside a car. Every couple of weeks they send out an e-mail to a list of fans with details on the what-when-where. You show up, tune to the designated FM station and enjoy a free movie. The Mobile Movie movement started in Santa Cruz, and is now playing in Berkeley, Oakland, Minneapolis, Dallas, Los Angeles, West Chester, PA., and Tampa City, FL.

So what would Karl screen at the "White Noise Guerilla Drive-In"? Only movies he actually owns in his collection. Such as:

  • Week 1 - Spinal Tap
  • Week 2 - Run Lola Run
  • Week 3 - Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels
  • Week 4 - Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii
  • Week 5 - Best in Show
  • Week 6 - Comedian


Jon said... they can get into a pissing match with the MPIA or whatever the motion picture equivalent of the RIAA is.

John said...

Actually, you *can* do it legit, if you get the movies through distributions companies like Swank, the reputable company with the fly-by-night name. Legal copies are about a hundred bucks, and you can charge admission. Anything up to twice the rental price you keep; after that, you send in half the gate back to the company. So it's actually (gasp) like, on the up-and-up! However, it's definitely a pain in the ass. So there's that.