Monday, September 26, 2005

Music trivia time (old music....sorry)

I'm a huge fan of music trivia. Try these questions on for size:

1. Who co-wrote the Eagles' hit "Take it Easy" with Glenn Frey? Hint: He's not an Eagle.

2. Name at least one band member of the James Gang (Funk #49) who departed to join another band.

3. In the Pink Floyd tune "One of My Turns" from The Wall, who is saying the phrases "are all these your guitars?" and "wanna take a bath?"

4. Fleetwood Mac had a hit named "Hypnotized", an awesome song. You may notice it is not sung by the regular singers you may know from later evolution of the band. It is sung by someone who left the band to solo for a while. Who is he?

5. Who was the sound engineer who worked on Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon"? Hint: He went on to another big music project.

Check your answers in the comments section....


Karl Plesz said...

1. Jackson Browne.

2. Joe Walsh left to join the Eagles, Domenic Troiano joined the Guess Who.

3. Toni Tenille.........yeah, as in the Captain and Tenille.

4. Bob Welch. Remember "Sentimental Lady" and "Ebony Eyes"? Yeah that Bob Welch.

5. Alan Parsons.

Anonymous said...

You got me on #3, I just coudn't remember who that was.

Jeff, CA5