Sunday, September 25, 2005

I want to do my part

Calgary has been running a pilot curb-side recycling project for a few months. This is to study the effectiveness of instituting a city-wide program. Currently, you have to bring your own recyclables to various drop points. Unfortunately, quite often the bins are full. I'm thankful we have a program at all - but I eagerly await the day when they pick it up at all of our homes.

Meanwhile the city will likely complain about the cost of instituting such a program. I have an idea to help subsidize the cost. If we were able to include the containers (cans, bottles, etc.) that we normally bring in for our deposit back, the city could cash the containers in themselves and use that money to help fund the recycling as a whole. It would mean we'd have to forego our deposit as a form of user fee, but I for one am willing to kiss my deposit goodbye if it means no tax hike to pay for the recycling program.

Of course, this would spell doom and gloom for the homeless - who seem to fund their day-to-day living allowance on containers collected off the street. In a bold move, perhaps the city could hire these people to sort the recyclables. I'm sure they would be willing to do it for far less than a city worker would demand......

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Kim said...

Wow I have to admit I am a little shocked, I figured Calgary had a 'user friendly' recycling program. We have everything picked up; garbage, recycling, organics, furniture etc.

Perhaps now that they are picking it up more people will participate.