Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Movie theatres take heed....

OK. It's bad enough that movie admissions cost what they do. It's even worse that some munchies and drinks will set you back the cost of a full meal at some fine restaurants. They make you sit through a lengthy stream of commercials and movie trailers, which seems to be getting more lengthy every visit. Then they insult our intelligence by lecturing us with anti-piracy pleas (hey stupid! we're the people paying to come watch the movie, remember?). If you show up early for a movie in an effort to get a decent seat, you used to have to sit through amateur movie star bio slide shows while Top 40 blared through the front speakers. Now some theatre chains are making people sit through unbearable interviews with stars interspersed with TV commericals blaring at full blast.

I know nothing compares to the experience of sitting in a decent theatre to watch a film on the big screen with awesome sound, but if this keeps up, people are going to start to show their disdain the only way they know how - stay at home and wait for the movie to come out on DVD. After all, by the time you get the babysitter, maybe parking, pay the tickets, buy the concession treats - who wants to mortgage the house only to be subjected to ads, ads and more ads?

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