Thursday, May 12, 2005

Future disappointment

Imagine if you will that someone from the 1960's finds a way to go forward to our time. If this someone found an average person to interview about the present, I think this is how some of it might go:

1960's person: So, do we have air cars?
2005 person: Nope
60's: No air cars!? How about household robot maids?
'05: We have robot vacuums....
60's: Sheesh.
'05: We have computers! And cell phones!
60's: Cell phones?
'05: Yeah. You can get a call from just about anywhere!
60's: I'm not impressed....
'05: You can even send text messages!
60's: Why would you send text when you could talk?
'05: Uhh...
60's: Are there moon bases?
'05: No.
60's: Mining colonies on Mars?
'05:No. We haven't even sent a human there yet.
60's: What the hell have you people been doing for the last 40 years?


Jon said...

But dude we got blogging and podcasting. Oh..on the Internet!

Yeah, you're would be a short conversation that would end with something like:

'60: Still got beer?
'05: Yup.
'60: Let's go
'05: K.

Anonymous said...

I don't know. I remember just as bank cards came out, I thought to myself, that'll never be money in your pocket? no way! I would have been really surprised to hear most people NEVER carry cash...I think more has changed than we realise..and there ARE aircars, hovercraft...kinda expensive (40-50K) and I'm told not super safe, but they're there. :)

Karl Plesz said...

Don't mind me. I was just projecting what a person from the 60's would have imagined in their future (our present) based on old "future" art. There were a lot of references to flying cars (a la the Jetsons) and massive space exploration. Neither of them panned out yet and if I were that person, I woulda been mighty disappointed.