Friday, March 18, 2005

When you want something done right.....

A Prattville woman was charged with planting nude images of her child in her ex-husband's home, just one day after police accused her of conspiring to kill the man over a custody dispute.

"This is definitely not the way to resolve a custody dispute," District Attorney Randall Houston said. "She didn't want to share custody, for whatever reason. Now she's looking at some serious stuff here. I'm happy nobody's dead."

She faces a maximum of more than three life sentences if convicted and more charges may be filed within the next few days.

She is accused of trying to hire an undercover FBI agent to kill her ex-husband, Houston said. "You just can't trust these hired killers. You never know when they're FBI agents."

What I want to know is - how exactly do you go about 'looking' for a hired killer? Like are they in the frickin' yellow pages in the US or what?

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