Monday, March 28, 2005

Confessions of a geek

There was a time when I looked upon people who owned PDAs with disdain envy. Of course I never admitted that - but I never truly understood how it could be more than just a toy. Well those days are OVER!

I have delved deeper into the realm of geekdom (say that 10 times real fast...) and bought my very own Palm Tungsten E. Why? Well, I got tired of (sorting through / carrying around / keeping track of) the 500 pieces of scrap paper with notes, grocery lists, to do lists, details of products we are considering buying and/or the dimensions these products have to fit into - all 10+ versions of each. Enter the PDA. OMG! If there was a way I could surgically implant this thing into my arm, I would. Between the contacts, lists, notes in freehand, pictures, appointments, maps and other stuff I can keep current in it, I actually feel organized like never before. It even understands my writing and that's incredible.

BTW, it's not a PDA - it's a 'memory enhancement tool'. Would you believe an 'organizational assistance device'? OK, OK - it's a frigging toy! A very useful toy.... Posted by Hello

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Anonymous said...

I agree I thought the same thing until I had one passed down to me when someone got a new and better one. it's only a Palm m105 but I when I don't have it with me I feel lost. First thing every morning I hot sync it and download newpapers from around the world. and when I go to a client I download the route using map quest it gives me my mileage. I just havn't downloaded any games yet. that would be just to geekie.