Monday, March 28, 2005

Clever - useless, but clever

A silly LiveJournal experiment involves turning a song's lyrics into a list has spawned several dozen posts in which enterprising users do the same to their favorite songs. My fave so far:

  • Things across which Daddy has flown:
    • the ocean

  • Things which Daddy has left behind for me:
    • a memory
    • unknown

  • Things which we don't need:
    • no education
    • no thought control
    • no dark sarcasm in the classroom

  • Conditions in which teachers are requested to leave them/us kids:
    • alone

  • Things the having of which is dependent upon the eating of meat:
    • pudding

  • Things which I don't need:
    • no arms around me
    • no drugs to calm me
    • anything at all

  • Things which I have seen:
    • the writing on the wall

  • Things which, all in all, are or were just bricks in the wall:
    • it
    • you

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