Thursday, March 17, 2005

Britney pissed off at all the attention

Poor baby:

Britney Spears says she has taken a vow of silence after being stung by a magazine interview. She will no longer discuss her personal life with the media after Allure magazine branded her "hardly more grown-up than many pre-teens". She wrote: "I feel the article focused too much on my personal life and events from my past which I've already dealt with and have fully moved on." She added on her website: "In the future, I will refrain from discussing my private life in interviews. It will be expressed solely through art."

Britney expressing herself only through her 'art'. Hmmm. Let's use this lyric as an example:

Baby, don’t you wanna, dance upon me,
(are you ready)

Leaving behind my name, my age.

Yeah that's a better idea Britney. But seriously, I'm going to predict right now that she won't last a month before she's got her publicist booking her a chat with Maxim or somebody.

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