Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Laundry hell

I have this love/hate relationship with dryer sheets.

When I'm doing the laundry, I only use one sheet and I typically re-use the sheet on a second load. My accountability regarding the recovery of these sheets is impeccable - I always make sure to find the sheet in each load as I'm emptying the dryer and re-use or dispose of it accordingly. All this to avoid the dreaded "cling-on" - the sheet that sticks to the inside (or outside) of a pant, shirt or sock only to reveal itself at the most embarrassing moment.

When Darlene is doing the laundry, she will typically be much more carefree with the dryer sheets - tossing uncounted numbers of them in with utter abandon. During the sorting and putting away the laundry, I can never be sure how many sheets I have to search for before I'm sure the load has been purged of those pesky "stowaways".


Anonymous said...

I kind of do it your way, only I tear each sheet in half and give each load a fresh half-sheet. I have to be very careful how I deal with dryer sheets, though, because my laundry room is outside on my balcony. Sometimes if I don't keep a good grip on them, they blow away. Quite often I wind up three sheets to the wind.
The Cheesemistress

Karl Plesz said...

"three sheets to the wind"
LOL! You're such a card....