Monday, January 17, 2005

I thought TV would have learned a lesson

TV networks are doing whatever they can to get viewers to stop changing channels. They're targeting owners of TiVo, PVRs, VCRs and the like by shifting their schedules so some shows start and end a few minutes early or late. Not only can this cause recorders to miss the start or end of a show, it also can create overlaps. This is supposed to discourage viewers from switching channels if they've already missed the start of another show on another channel.

So, just like the music and movie industry, the TV industry doesn't seem to mind adopting methods that might alienate them from their fan base.

Like any other good business, I think they need to learn that a happy customer is a repeat customer. Sooner or later, viewers/listeners are going to get so fed up with the entertainment industry's controls that someone's going to come along and offer a solution with less control and the legacy industries are going to suffer and die out. Read more.

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