Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Unsolved mysteries

Women tend to take particular care in their dress and deportment prior to going out. The makeup has to be just right, the clothes have to match and still be stylish, the hair should be well coiffed. As such, we men often look to women for advice on whether we look suitable for public display, considering their expertise in these matters.

So that's why on the way out the door, I will often ask Darlene if I look OK - expecting an honest answer. Nine times out of ten, the answer is invariably 'yes'. But a quick glance in the mirror often reveals shirt collar half-flipped up, hair gone awry or food still staining the corner of my mouth.

So how is it that you have the attention to detail required to make sure you look so good, and still be able to ignore blatant deportment faux-pas(s) on our part?

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Nancy said...

Women are their own worst critic and are much more forgiving of men's faux-pas(s).