Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Rock'n lingo

Have you ever noticed how rock artists, or just music artists in general, have their own way of pronouncing words that is different from the norm? Take the word "baby" for example. You and I would pronounce that as baybee. But in the music world, most artists would say it bay-beh. Why is that? I get odd looks when I call my wife baybee - I think she would turn and run if I ever said bay-beh. Here's another example, the word "I". In our everyday pronunciation, it would be said eye. But to a rocker, it's ahh. How odd. "Tired" should be tie-errrd, but instead, it's tahd. It's as if singers suddenly adopt a southern drawl as their common dialect.

If you've noticed any common mis-pronunciations in your favourite music, please add them via the comments.....


Anonymous said...

Okay first off all I need to ask how this topic came to be LOL What I find funny is how you can understand the words sung by many foreign singers and yet if you listen to a Canadian or American singer, you can't understand a word they are singing!

Anonymous said...

'Look into my eyes forever' becomes 'luk intah maah-yiiyzz - fah-EV-aaaah.
Maybe another blog could be about Ozzy lingo - a strange beast all it's own!