Sunday, December 19, 2004

Now where did I hide that thing......?

Everybody loves Easter Eggs (in this case I'm referring to the definition: an unexpected hidden surprise, perhaps a message, an image, or a sound, found in a Web site or program or DVD). Well, if you like DVD Easter Eggs your search is over. Example:

Star Wars Trilogy:Insert the fourth special features disc of the set. From the Main Menu go to the 'Video Games and Still Galleries' section. On the following screen use your remote control to type '11' and then press the Enter key. Depending on your player you may have to press the '10+' and then the '1' key. Next, type '3' followed by the Enter key and then '8' once again followed by Enter. This will give you access to an almost 5-minute long blooper reel with the DVD credits, consisting of hilarious clips from all three films.

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