Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Jesus in your heart and a charge in your toothbrush

I belong to a forum that was created for alumni of an IT school I used to teach at. The question was posed: How do the higher end of electric toothbrushes charge when you put them in their cradle? If one examines the cradle and toothbrush they will see all plastic, no metal contacts whatsoever! You can’t send an electric current through plastic!

And here was a posted answer: The toothbrush uses the power of Jesus to charge. The cradle has a cross inside of it and thus a direct connection to Jesus. Actually you don't even need the cradle. Just go to church on Sunday and hold your toothbrush high in the air. Jesus will smile upon you and charge your toothbrush. Keep Jesus in your heart and say goodbye to satan and goodbye to gingivitis!

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