Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I don't know which is worse

I would like to thank the police for making me a paranoid driver. Our city has gone red light camera crazy and now I'm suffering as a result. Whenever I see a red light camera and approach an intersection, I tense up and hope the damned light doesn't turn yellow as I get near. Why the fuss? $285 fine. I don't want an avoidable fine so when that light goes yellow I slam on the brakes, which of course puts me at risk of being rear-ended (especially the way people tailgate). It drives Darlene nuts - she wishes I would just go through unless I have lots of time to stop, but I can never be sure I'm not going to get nailed.


Nancy said...

I totally get where your coming from! If you are ANYWHERE in the intersection when the light turns red, the camera will take your picture. It's made me paranoid too. I think the camera should only take your picture if you are still in the first two thirds of the intersection when the light turns red.

Sheri said...
This link will show you where all the red light cameras are installed in Calgary.