Sunday, September 05, 2004

Yo Politicos!

Some things I would like politicians at all levels make happen (in no particular order).
(This is a work in progress)

-Provide monetary incentives for people to buy energy efficient cars, especially hybrids. In the US, people get huge tax breaks and special priviledges in HOV lanes and parking lots.
-Require some kind of test to get smoke belching vehicles off the roads.
-Start building LRT lines when they're needed, not 10-20 years after the fact.
-The same goes for freeways. Wouldn't this save money due to cheaper capital costs?
-Higher education is quickly becoming a luxury due to high tuition costs. Also many gradutes are working in the minimum wage service industry because they have been schooled in a skill that is not in demand. It's time to get private industry involved in sponsoring students best suited for jobs that are actually available now.
-Employment Insurance has become a joke. It generates billions in surpluses, yet there are draconian restrictions on who can get benefits, how much and for how long.
-Ban all speed bumps.

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