Friday, September 24, 2004

Down with pennies!

There's some dead weight in my pocket and it has a name - pennies! I've had enough of them. They are practically worthless, yet I always seem to have more than my fair share of them. It's time to abolish these carry-overs from the cyprium age once and for all. Unfortunately, thanks to the GST, the solution requires a re-working of how things are priced. So here goes:

Build the GST back into the price of all goods and services and round everything off to the nearest nickel. That way, something advertised as $1.05 is actually $1.05! What a concept, eh? It would be too easy for software to determine what sales qualify for stripping the GST for forwarding to the government.

So, in summary - scrap the penny, build in the GST, have a nice day.

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