Friday, August 13, 2004

My stomach hurts from laughing so hard

Kellogg's UK has responded to concerns about childhood obesity by reducing the sugar content in Frosted Flakes from 38% to 25%. Kellogg's said that cutting the sugar further would make the cereal unpalatable. Kellogg's also announced that it was revising its strategy for marketing to children to make it more 'socially responsible'.


Sorry, that was me falling off the chair from laughing so hard...

"Now kids - eating too much sugar is bad for switch to these new improved Frosted Flakes................only one quarter sugar!

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E! said...

What amazed me on Thursday was the report that the Danish government has decided to ban most Kellogg's cereals, Special K in particular, because it is too special. The Danish government is concerned that children, who along with most Danish adults, already take their fair share of vitamin supplements, and the daily intake in a bowl of cereal may provide too much vitamins and nutrients for a child or an adult.

This may be more publicity than Kellogg's originally wanted in one week.