Friday, April 30, 2010

Worst things about Mom getting on Facebook

(disclaimer: this is not from personal experience)
  • Keeps posting erotic poetry
  • She wonders why Bea Arthur hasn’t updated her status in a while
  • You have to explain to her what a MILF is
  • Her status is always “Alone, with no one to visit me”
  • Keeps commenting on your photos “Are you drunk in this picture?”
  • Screen name: Hot Mama
  • She 'Friends' random single people your age and tries to set you up with them
  • Corrects everyone’s spelling
  • She keeps writing on your wall about your bladder infection
  • Is always inviting all your friends over to the house for a 'pizza party!'
  • Fills out every questionnaire and tags you and all of your friends
  • Explaining that ‘LOL’ doesn’t mean ‘Lots of Love”

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